Top 10 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is actually the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. It normally develops as a small lump in the tissues through-out the breasts and if cancerous, it spreads through the lymph-nodes. Early detection for signs of breast cancer can help you to survive a breast cancer diagnosis. Routinely self-examinations, mammograms and annual check-ups with a healthcare professional can help you to identify any lumps in your breasts and seek proper medication on time. The following are the top 10 best warning signs of breast cancer.

10. Signs of Breast Cancer – Dimpled Breast Tissue

Signs of Breast Cancer

In the earliest stages, thickening which feels a bit different from the surrounding tissues may occur, indicating breast cancer development. For example, the breasts skin becomes dimpled, red or appear pitted like an orange skin.

9. Signs of Breast Cancer – Nipple Changes

An underlying breast lump which develops underneath the nipple may also cause the nipples to change. Your partner can notice that your nipple has become asymmetrical, inverted, indented or flat in shape. The nipples can also change in size without any reason even when you are not breastfeeding.

8. Signs of Breast Cancer – Nipple Sensitivity

This is another breast cancer symptom whereby your partner notices it before you. Abnormally sensitive nipples, which become void of sensitivity suddenly, are usually caused by breast tumors which develop underneath the tissues of your nipple.

7. Signs of Breast Cancer – Nipple Discharge

Breast cancer is more prone to developing in the milk ducts around the nipple. It may show itself in a watery, milky or blood-tinged discharge which leaves the nipple with a scaly crust. Any discharge from your nipples when you are not breastfeeding is not normal and you should consult your doctor immediately.

6. Breast Tenderness

Signs of Breast Cancer – Breast Tenderness

Breast lumps will range in pain especially if they cause any discomfort. It is common for a tumor to develop in a small seed-like structure alongside the breast tissue. This may cause your breasts to be tender especially when you are feeling friction from the bra, lying down or being caressed by your spouse or partner.

5. Breast Size Change

Often times, your partner or spouse will detect changes in your breast size before you. It is common for a breast lump to alter the size or shape of the affected breast before feeling the lump. Along with self-examinations for breast lumps, you should visually check the size and shape of the breasts in the mirror and be keen when putting on your bra.

4. Shoulder and Neck Stiffness

Signs of Breast Cancer – Neck Stiffness

Stiff necks and sore shoulders are not always what they seem. Breast cancer will spread to the shoulders, back or spine and cause achy-pain in these areas. If your neck, shoulder or back pain persists, regardless of massage, rest, ointment or stretching, visit the doctor for breast cancer screening.

3. Swollen Breasts

Signs of Breast Cancer – Swollen Breasts

Areas around the breasts and inflammation of the breast-tissues may occur especially if there is a lump pressing on the tissues. Typically, the sign of an inflammatory breast-cancer swelling may be accompanied by patchy, red, hot skin which feels extremely tender to caress or touch.

2. Itchy Breasts

A rash-less itch in or around the breast is a common symptom of the inflammatory breast cancer and may indicate an underlying problem that is more severe than just dermatitis. The itchy-sensation is usually accompanied by breast tissue and nipple discharge that appears thick or changed in texture. So you should visit the doctor for breast cancer screening instead of settling for a prescription ointment.

1. Detection of a Lump

Breast Self Exam

When you are performing self-breast examination, carefully apply pressure to the breasts and the surrounding tissues using your fingers. Both malignant (cancerous) and benign (non cancerous) breast tumors sometimes form close to the site of the lymph-nodes, in the collarbone, under the armpit and around the nipples. They may be tender, rigid or hard lumps that do not move whenever you press against them. Swollen tissues lead to tenderness of the breasts. It is advisable to visit a doctor immediately after detecting a lump.

As with any type of cancer, early treatment and detection is the main factor to determine the outcome. It is important to note that breast cancer is curable when detected and treated at early stages. These best warning signs of breast cancer can help you to detect breast cancer and seek medical attention as early as possible.

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