Pregnancy and Health Care

10 Ways to Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy


If you have never craved for carbohydrates, it can be a bit challenging to stick to the guidelines of how to control weight gain during pregnancy. Almost everywhere you turn, people seem to encourage you to eat for two. Well, you don’t have an extra plate. A nice simple meal ...

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10 Tips on Kids Dental Care for Healthy Teeth


It is common knowledge that you need to brush your teeth daily, floss and visit the dentist more often. It is important to take care of your teeth to enhance your pride of appearance and physical health. It is also necessary to care for your child’s teeth too as it ...

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10 Tips on Women’s Health Concerns


Breast cancer is a major problem topping the list of women’s health concerns. Breast exams and mammograms are not the only ways of staying healthy as a woman. Your life needs more than you know in all kinds of faces you experience. The good news is, these problems or concerns ...

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10 best tips on how to prevent allergies


Common allergies among children are increasing daily. This is a confirmation from the Center for Disease control. Food allergies – 5%, skin allergies – 7%, and respiratory allergies combined with a whopping cough – 17%. This increase is due to the chemicals used in manufacturing the products we use on ...

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Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnant Woman


Every pregnant woman should be aware of these capsules called prenatal vitamins. They can be taken before one conceives so as to get better results or after conception too. A mother should ensure to take these vitamins so as to have a strong and healthy baby from the time she ...

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Top 10 Healthy Foods to Help Children Grow Taller


We all need healthy and balanced foods to enable our body function at an optimum rate. However, when it comes to children, it is more important to concentrate on the nutrition given on a daily basis to improve the child’s general health and height. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot ...

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Top 10 Physical Therapy to Help Fertility


The joy of a mother is to bear a child, and infertility can be very devastating to anyone who wants to have a child. The good news is, the condition is treatable. New studies have shown that physical therapy can have an impact on the ability of a woman to ...

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Top 10 Best Prenatal Vitamin Foods


The best pregnancy nourishment to eat incorporates anything that will help you stay empowered. Parity proteins, for example, meats, fish, eggs and poultry against sound sugars like natural product, nuts, and entire grains or oats. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, and attempt to build your ...

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Top 10 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is actually the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. It normally develops as a small lump in the tissues through-out the breasts and if cancerous, it spreads through the lymph-nodes. Early detection for signs of breast cancer can help you to survive a breast cancer diagnosis. Routinely self-examinations, ...

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How to Feed Newborn Baby


If you are going to give birth to your first baby and stress with all these question, you’ll got all the answers in just few minutes scroll down. How many Ounce should I feed newborn baby? How to Recognize when they are Hungry? When and How to Wake my Sleeping ...

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